The Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia, Inc.

Since 1971, the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia, Inc. has stood as a bastion of hope for victims of Sickle Cell and other abnormal hemoglobin. Generous supporters, a dedicated staff, a dynamic Board, and caring volunteers make the Foundation and all of its programs and services possible. Each donation, no matter how large or small, carries a Sickle Cell patient one step further to breaking the Sickle Cell Cycle. May we have your support?

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    Sickle cell is a genetic blood disorder.  Testing is critical because everyone should know if they […]



    The Sickle Cell Foundation is sustained by the generosity of donors, our supporters, and dedicated volunteers. […]


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    We couldn’t do without you!  Volunteer service helps us break the sickle cycle.  Volunteers of all […]