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June 15th: Click Here to hear recording

Camp New Hope, the first and only Sickle Cell Camp in Georgia. We had an opportunity to interview the Camp Counselors and the SCFG staff provided a history of Camp New Hope.


May 25th: Click Here to hear recording

Interview with NaTasha Cook, Prentice Griggs, and Ashley Catchings. We had an opportunity to learn what being a Community Health Worker entails for the sickle cell community.


April 20th: Click Here to hear recording

Dr. Milford Green, Jackie George and Beverly Sinclair, discuss transfusions and how it affects people living with sickle cell.


March 30th: Click Here to hear recording

Jackie George, and Beverly Sinclair , Certified Hemoglobinopathy Counselors share their knowledge with the sickle cell community. They both possess over 30 years with the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia, Inc.





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