Grants to Green


The Sickle Cell Foundation has gotten greener!  Thanks, in part, to an Assessment award from Grants to Green.  While the Sickle Cell Foundation had embraced green practices such as recycling in the office over the years, the grant program required the appointment of a Green Champion to take matters a step further.  The Foundation owns its aging building in Southwest Atlanta.

Health Educator Beverly Sinclair, who has a degree in Biology, stepped up to the plate as the Foundation’s first Green Champion.  Under her guidance the Foundation has expanded earth-friendly practices in-house, and to other organizations in the building.  Beverly introduces new practices at staff meetings, solicits feedback from co-workers, and keeps our “green” focus top of mind.  

In addition, the Foundation teamed up with another nonprofit — Retrofit a Million — during Sickle Cell Month to canvass the community dispensing free light bulbs and “green” literature to our neighbors.  To date the Foundation:

  • New Recycling bins have been strategically placed for paper, plastic and cans.
  • Building temperature is set at the recommended levels.
  • Interior and exterior lighting is slowing converting to more energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures.
  • Time cards are getting double duty as the Foundation has switched to two-sided cards.

Assessment awards have helped the Foundation identify energy losses by monitoring utility usage.  The program has made experts available to review and conduct an environmental efficiency scan of the McGhee-King building  and will recommend areas for improvement.

The ultimate goal is to improve the organization’s building structure so that it minimizes the environmental impact, and also increases the cost-efficiency of operations — ideally saving on expenses so that we can provide more community services.  

Grants to Green provides environmentally focused knowledge and funding to strengthen nonprofits in the Atlanta region. The founding partners of Grants to Green are The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta ( providing expertise in grantmaking, and Southface ( providing expertise in energy efficiency.