Sickle Cell Testing

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Sickle cell testing is conducted by appointment at the Sickle Cell Foundation’s certified Clinical Laboratory.

Please call 404-755-1641 to schedule your appointment or fill out the appointment form below.



To complete and print the Consent Form  click here  for English. For Espanol click here.

Bring With You for Testing:

  • Current Official Photo ID  (such as Driver’s License, Official ID, Work ID)
  • Test Fee $40
  • Consent Form with Parental Authorization (for minors, students under age 18)


Where Can I Get Tested?

In the Atlanta metropolitan area, the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia provides convenient testing services by appointment for infants,  children, athletes, and adults. There’s seldom a wait and technicians will have you in, and out, in no time.images

Testing and lab work is conducted at the  Sickle Cell Laboratory, near Cascade Road and Benjamin E. Mays Dr. in Southwest Atlanta.  Requests for group testing and health fairs, off-site can be submitted online. Some tests are conducted aboard the Mobile Health Unit. The MARTA bus stop is a short walk away. Free parking is available.

The Sickle Cell Foundation also conducts testing at health fairs, special events, at community partner facilities, and in public school districts throughout Georgia.  For a list of upcoming testing dates, visit the website calendar. Counseling and education programs are offered throughout the State of Georgia, as well.  Sickle cell testing can also be scheduled with your physician, clinic, or medical home.


How Does the Test Work?

Sickle cell testing is easy and confidential.  The test involves a quick prick of the skin to collect a blood sample.  HIPAA guidelines for client privacy are respected and followed.  A blood sample is taken and sent to the laboratory for processing.  As a non-profit laboratory, the Foundation is able to offer discounted laboratory fees. Clients are notified, in writing, of the test results usually within three weeks.  Payment must be received before laboratory processing.

Who Should Be Tested?


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If your child was born in the State of Georgia, the sickle cell test was likely administered at birth.  If your child was born outside the State of Georgia, you should have the family tested as soon as possible. All parents, not just African-Americans, should be concerned and tested for sickle cell.

All couples considering a family are advised to be tested for sickle cell and other abnormal hemoglobins. Speak to a counselor at the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia for more information.

What Does The Test Cost?

A fee does apply and is due at the time of your visit.  The fee helps cover the cost of testing and laboratory expenses.

The sickle cell test consists of three major parts — Education,  Blood Collection, and Laboratory Services. Fees are typically covered by medical insurance. The Foundation accepts most Medical insurance plans and private pay.

  • Sickle Cell test is $40/person.
  • Follow-up testing may be required at an additional fee.

Due to increased costs of medical supplies, the Foundation can no longer offer free testing. If you cannot pay for services, please speak with a Billing representative (prior to your appointment) to establish a payment plan.

*Fees are subject to change without notice to this website.  Confirm fees prior to receiving services. The Foundation staff will have the most current fee schedule.